How to Use an External Light Meterwith Film

From time to time, I get an itch to produce tutorials for fellow photographers. It usually starts with a Facebook post asking a question, or a friend seeking help. In one of my favorite Facebook groups, I’ve recently noticed a lot of questions about how to use an external light meter with film.

It’s so much easier for me to record a short video to demonstrate my techniques. So in the video below I quickly cover how to use an external light meter with film. However, the video isn’t specific to film. I also cover how I use the same meter for digital photography. The video is specific to color film, as black and white film is a little different. Once I got used to using an external light meter, it quickly became part of my regular arsenal. I pretty much never work without a light meter.

I also take some time to cover mistakes people commonly make when using an external light meter. Keep in mind that there are as many ways to meter as there are photographers. What I describe is my method for metering. There are many other methods that work well for other photographers. That being said, there definitely are bad methods too. Just find the best metering method for you.

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