Published – The Knot Magazine – Holly & Brian

It’s really rough spending Christmas in Florida with family. Of course, I’m saying this with a pound of sarcasm. It was weird being in the warm Pensacola climate at Christmas time, but we survived just fine. The 15-hour drive home seemed to take forever, but I was greeted with some amazing news when we arrived.

As I always do, I promptly fetched the mail from our mailbox. Stuffed inside was about 25 pounds of late holiday cards, Christmas catalogs, and other detritus. However, hiding among the treasured cards and other trash was a curious little package. In a Christmas habit, I gave the package a squeeze and a shake. Then it hit me! I tore into the package and was greeted by long awaited, but temporarily forgotten news. The new Knot Magazine had arrived.

I am pleased as punch to announce that a Hunter Photographic wedding has been featured in The Knot Magazine for the second time in a row. For the Spring /Summer 2012 issue, the editors of the Knot reached out to me and requested a fresh wedding right off my site. They chose Holly and Brian’s amazing wedding at Lantern Court and Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio. I was not surprised at all when the Knot requested the wedding. Holly and Brian’s wedding is definitely one of my favorites from this year. It was so special in so many ways.

I was just there to capture the moment. Holly and Brian deserve all the credit for planning such a unique wedding. Also, special thanks to Carri-An at Holden Arboretum for presenting such an amazing venue and for being a gracious help. Also, kudos to JMS Originals for putting together such amazing flowers. The flowers were truly unique. Lastly, Cakes by Maria & Joe put together a fabulous cake. I hear it was very tasty!

As I noted above, this is the second Knot Magazine feature in a row for us. Jamie and Ethan’s wedding was featured in the last issue. Looking forward, I will have a lot of good news to share over the next few weeks. More publications, blog posts, and new ideas are coming soon. To say the least, 2012 is going to be a truly special year. I hope everyone has a bright and beautiful 2012!


  • Colleen said:

    Congratulations, Hunter! Great work!

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