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Simply Beautiful Parents Wedding Album for Renee & Cheney

To this day, I still can’t get over how amazing Renee & Cheney’s wedding was. Their early June wedding turned out perfectly from start to finish. After the wedding, the photos captured were a huge hit with Renee, Cheney, family and friends. Even I was impressed. Even better, their suite of albums turned out perfectly.

Instead of featuring the main wedding album, below are some highlights of a parent album. Renee’s mom smartly selected a memento of her own from the wedding. The 8×8-inch Whistler album makes the perfect album for parents. It’s a little smaller, but still made with incredible attention to detail. These Whistler albums are certainly no “coffee table” books. Each one is constructed of real photo prints, just like our exquisite wedding albums. These aren’t from a printers press. Each one is still handmade in California by the awesome team at Cypress.

Like most of my clients, Laura chose to include the album presentation box to protect the album. She also smartly finished her parent album in platinum silk book-binding fabric, which is a very popular choice. Below are just a few highlights to enjoy.

heriloom-wedding-album-spelich-3 heriloom-wedding-album-spelich-5 heriloom-wedding-album-spelich-6

Heirloom Wedding Album for Katie & Matt

Katie & Matt’s summer wedding was to die for, and their Heirloom wedding album is just as stunning. For wedding albums, I’ve been using Cypress for years now. Their precise attention to detail is unsurpassed. Of course the beautiful imagery from Katie and Matt’s album is what really makes this wedding album special.

Katie and Matt wisely chose to include a few extra details for their Heirloom album. They selected the to include an archival presentation box to protect the album and to add to the overall presentation. With the box affixed on the outside, each time you open the box is like opening a fresh gift. For the exterior design, Katie and Matt chose the ever-popular platinum fabric. Don’t let the name fool you. This album fabric may be called platinum, but it’s truly a warm hay color. The album is completed with a satin bow of pale blue.

Hopefully the images below provide some inspiration for your own wedding album. Enjoy!

heriloom-wedding-album-katie-matt-20140513-4 heriloom-wedding-album-katie-matt-20140513-3 heriloom-wedding-album-katie-matt-20140513-2 heriloom-wedding-album-katie-matt-20140513-5 heriloom-wedding-album-katie-matt-20140513-1

Rich Navy Heirloom Wedding Album for Lauren & James

I keep a little packet of swatch samples in my office for Cypress Albums. The swatches help clients, and myself, to visualize what their wedding album will look like. All of the colors offered by my album bindery, Cypress, are amazing. However, it was a first when Lauren and James selected navy to match with their wedding colors. Little did I know how gorgeous the album would be.

Looking at just the swatch, you might say “sure, that’s pretty!” But It’s not until you see the smooth and shiny navy fabric in person that you realize just how gorgeous it really is. Lauren and James’ Heirloom wedding album was also gorgeous from outside to inside. The photos they selected, and the layouts I created for them, worked wonderfully. The story of their wedding day was covered perfectly – from each moment to every last detail. Below are just a few highlights to enjoy. Or if you are a client, I hope you get some creative inspiration for your own wedding album.

Lauren and James' gorgeous wedding album from Hunter Photographic Lauren and James' gorgeous wedding album from Hunter Photographic Lauren and James' gorgeous wedding album from Hunter Photographic Lauren and James' gorgeous wedding album from Hunter Photographic