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Fall family mini sessions from Cleveland family photographer, Hunter Photographic

Just in time for the holidays, I am launching a short series of MINI family photography sessions around the Cleveland area. These abbreviated family sessions are a great way to remember your beautiful family during our most gorgeous season – and save some money as well. Even better, MINI seasons are a great way to capture the perfect photo for the annual holiday card.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes and results 10-15 photos for you to review. As a bonus, a couple beautiful fine-art prints are included for you to decorate your home. Even better, you can choose to add holiday photo cards to the session. Just pick from one of four standard designs and save big. The holiday cards will then be shipped to your door just a couple weeks later.

Sessions are limited! Only five spots are available at each of the two locations. Book today to ensure a spot is still available just for your family.

Only $195 – save $155

Compared to my normal lifestyle family sessions, these mini sessions are a great way to capture beautiful imagery, save time and money.

30 minutes session at one of two locations
One 5×7-inch fine-art print
One 8×10-inch fine-art print
Online proofing of 10-15 images
Add holiday cards for a handsome discount (see below)

Two Dates & Two Great Locations

Chosen for their great fall scenery, Huntington Park on the west side and Holden Arboretum on the east side feature amazing autumn color.

October 13th (Columbus Day)
Holden Arboretum (east)
October 15th
Huntington Park (west)

Make Life Easy – Add Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards can be a pain – especially custom cards featuring your family. There’s an better way – add custom holiday cards to your MINI session.

Choose from four great designs
Includes 5×7 flat cards & envelopes
Return address labels included too!
Just select a photo to feature & your done
Designs & options to be shown at the session

Book today to ensure the best choice!
Sessions are limited with only 5 openings on each day.

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Lauren & John – A Cleveland Botanical Gardens Wedding categories: featured, weddings

Certain aspects of my job still amaze me. Specifically, the circle of friends I develop each year while working with my amazing clients. Last year, I photographed Meredith & Hunter’s wedding, which lead me to photographing Lauren & John’s wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens just a couple weeks ago. Once Lauren and I got to know each other, her friend Bailey reached out to me for her wedding, which I captured just last week. And this circle keeps expanding, mostly built around friends from Hathaway Brown school. To say this kind of connection to my clients is welcome would be an understatement.

The notion of friends is also a good theme for Lauren & John’s wedding. It was hugely important to both Lauren & John that their friends and family play important roles in their wedding. For example, close friends gave readings during the wedding ceremony. Lauren & John also made sure that the family photos weren’t just about family, but also about friends. We made sure to capture photos of them together with friends from different phases in their lives – Hathaway Brown, Middlebury and more. This sense of friendship at their wedding was certainly a welcome sight.

Beyond the deep integration of friends and family in Lauren & John’s wedding, I was blown away by the amazing wedding design. Lauren & John brought a beautiful sense of style to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. The floral design was simply spectacular, with bright highlights of red, pink and white. The rich colors also carried over to the wedding fashion with dresses of deep navy and bright pink shoes. This was then echoed in the reception itself, as you can see below. Of course the design was set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, which is always beautiful in summer.

Below are just a few highlights to enjoy. For Lauren & John – thank you so much for briefly inviting me into your circle of friends. It’s been so wonderful!

cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-1 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-3 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-4 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-5 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-6 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-8 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-9 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-10 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-11 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-12 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-13 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-14 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-15 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-17 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-19 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-21 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-22 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-24 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-26 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-28 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-30 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-31 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-33 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-34 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-35 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-36 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-37 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-39 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-41 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-43 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-44 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-45 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-46 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-47 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-49 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-50 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-51 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-52 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-54 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-56 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-58 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-60 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-61 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-63 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-65 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-67 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-68 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-69 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-71 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-72 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-73 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-74 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-75 cleveland-botanical-gardens-wedding-lauren-john-20140823-76

Ali & Dan – Sunset Engagement at the Cleveland Museum of Art categories: engagement

“I’m not very photogenic,” Ali said as we stood in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art for their sunset engagement session. I hear this refrain all the time. “No worries, that’s why you hire a professional,” I said, smiling wide. In all honestly, most of my clients start their engagement session with some nerves. By the end, universally everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, having had a great time.

So was the case with Ali & Dan. As we walked around the art museum campus, they quickly loosened up. Before I knew it, they were both so natural in front of the camera. When I shoot film, I really slow down and “watch” through the viewfinder like it’s a movie camera. As I watched, I could see Ali & Dan just as they are with each other when alone. Watch…wait…click.

I’m so thrilled with the way the photos turned out from this session. I certainly can’t wait for Ali & Dan’s wedding…next year! For now, I certainly hope you enjoy the highlights below.

A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan. A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan. A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan. A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan. A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan. A summer engagement session at The Cleveland Museum of Art with Ali and Dan.