Tattoos & Honey Bees

After discussing it for eons, the time had finally come. Going on forever, my wife had been talking about a tattoo. We bounced around ideas and she never seemed to settle solidly on anything. Then came the honey bee idea just a few months ago. She knew immediately that is was the right concept. Now, just to find a good artist in Cleveland.

Having the right idea is the most important part of a tattoo. A close second is finding the right artist. Neither Brooke nor I are big into tattoos so we thought searching for the right artist would be difficult. Turns out, finding Cole was really easy. Fast even.

Cole was recommended by some friends and he has a great portfolio. Brooke wanted a realistic honey bee…behind her ear! It was clear Cole could really make the tattoo shine. Meeting Cole for the first time was awesome. He truly is a great and very funny guy. Not to mention, he is in Lakewood as well. Cole is also part of the team behind Classic Tattoo Cleveland located on Lorain near Westlake and North Olmsted.

Needless to say, Brooke is very happy with the results. Something tells me this will be the first of a few tattoos for her. Personally, I love the tattoo. It is very fitting for her.

Tattoos and Honey Bees - Brooke at the Tattoo Salon

Tattoos and Honey Bees - Brooke at the Tattoo Salon

Tattoos and Honey Bees - Brooke at the Tattoo Salon

Tattoos and Honey Bees - Brooke at the Tattoo Salon

I really enjoyed coming along to watch and photograph the experience for her. Then again, I had no choice. If someone is sticking your wife with a needle, you need to be there. The pictures may seem like a departure from my normal wedding photography work, but taking portraits of various subject matters helps to keep me engaged.

P.S. – I am next on deck for a tattoo

P.P.S. – It will be a chicken and strangely, it has meaning

  • Interesting subject for you blog...I like the post...and the tattoo. I have just one myself that I got when I was 19, still love it. It good not to jump into a decision like that, you're stuck with it for quite a while. Looking forward to seeing your chicken, lol!

  • Paul said:

    That's a really nice piece of work. Be careful. It's addicting - once you get one... I've been under the gun four time now and get the itch about once a year to get another one.

  • Well you know I am a fan of Brooke, seriously she rocks, but now I like her even more! Good for you Brooke!! And great fotos Hunter.

  • Susan Montgomery said:

    I have no tattoos, but for a long time have been considering acquiring a honey bee to commemorate, well, so many things. Bees are so central to the workings of our healthy and sustainable habitats; they are unusual and magical in how they accomlish their work both individually and together; they help feed us; they listen to the sun and create liquid gold; and they are charming to watch in the garden. This is the most beautiful bee tattoo I have seen. Nice choice, Brooke; nice work, Cole.