VIDEO – VSCO Film Overview

In the past I have done a couple posts concerning the Visual Supply Co. VSCO Film preset package for Lightroom (here and here). As you may know, I snapped up this package pretty quickly and have been using it for a couple months. I have never bought a preset package before and to this day, VSCO Film is the only preset package I own. There is a big reason for this. Included today is our first video, and I decided to tackle and overview of VSCO Film.

During the (very low-budget) video, I discuss aspects of my shooting style and an overview of the VSCO package. Here is a quick list of what I cover –

  • My photographic style and why VSCO Film works for me
  • A walk-through of the different film emulsions included with the package
  • I briefly touch on how VSCO Film works
  • The additional preset “toolkit” items included with VSCO Film
  • How to integrate the presets into a Lightroom workflow
  • and finally, some potential hurdles to watch out for

I think that covers it for today. I certainly aim to produce better videos in the near future. Speaking of which, I will have more coming soon specifically for photographers. Also take a moment to check out what we are up to now on Facebook.

P.S. – This one video took me 9 takes and a barzillon edits. Please be kind 😉

  • chris e said:

    Awesome video! I love using VSCO.

  • Az said:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video, it has been very informative.

  • dan dinu said:

    Great video, not poor at all. It makes me want a VSCO Film. Thanks!

  • Ranbir said:

    Thanks Hunter for an excellent video. I was deciding whether to buy this VSCO presets and your review has really helped my decision. Cheers!

  • Nathan said:

    Agreed, thanks for doing the vid - well presented.

  • Sonal said:

    Fantastic job on this video! Very informative and nicely done. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this.

  • Jennifer said:

    I have the standard package of the presets and it does *not* include any of the faded presets.

  • Hunter said:

    Jennifer - great tip and thanks for the clarification!

  • Wow. Great video! So clear & thorough. I was looking for some major guidance through VSCO & have found it here. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to those upcoming VSCO recipes! Also, would love a blog or video on how you go about making your ISO noise reduction & Sharpening Presets. In all this time I did not realize I could have done that & have always depended on doing those things in Photoshop.

  • John said:

    Thanks for this, very helpful - still not sure if it is worth that money or not for me. Just one point - I think you have got HP5 and XP2 confused. HP5 is a beautiful and very traditional film using standard chemistry.

  • Hunter said:

    You are absolutely correct. I always get HP5 and XP2 confused.

  • Steven B said:

    Great,great video about using presets. I too was not a fan of using presets, yet these seem to add a touch, that gives it a natural feel. I too would like a video on how to set ones's own sharpening.
    Thanks again for sharing and educating...

  • Jon said:

    Really useful video, thanks. Helped me make the decision to purchase both Lightroom and the VSCO FILM presets.

  • Hunter said:

    For those that requested a follow-up video, you can now see it here -

    The follow-up covers how to create a custom Lightroom preset that includes VSCO. This should help you to minimize your editing time by improving your workflow. Thanks to Casey and Steven, among others, for the request.

  • Shai said:

    Thank you for spending the time to go through your workflow with VSCO film
    I have only become aware of these presets and have been tempted to get it.
    This video has done a lot in the way of explaining how it all works, for, unfortunately, VSCO doesn't provide a trial of their products.
    At least I haven't been able to find them.

    Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your work.