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In the past I have done a couple posts concerning the Visual Supply Co. VSCO Film preset package for Lightroom (here and here). As you may know, I snapped up this package pretty quickly and have been using it for a couple months. I have never bought a preset package before and to this day, VSCO Film is the only preset package I own. There is a big reason for this. Included today is our first video, and I decided to tackle and overview of VSCO Film.

During the (very low-budget) video, I discuss aspects of my shooting style and an overview of the VSCO package. Here is a quick list of what I cover -

  • My photographic style and why VSCO Film works for me
  • A walk-through of the different film emulsions included with the package
  • I briefly touch on how VSCO Film works
  • The additional preset “toolkit” items included with VSCO Film
  • How to integrate the presets into a Lightroom workflow
  • and finally, some potential hurdles to watch out for

I think that covers it for today. I certainly aim to produce better videos in the near future. Speaking of which, I will have more coming soon specifically for photographers. Also take a moment to check out what we are up to now on Facebook.

P.S. – This one video took me 9 takes and a barzillon edits. Please be kind ;-)


  1. Awesome video! I love using VSCO.

  2. Az on

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video, it has been very informative.

  3. Great video, not poor at all. It makes me want a VSCO Film. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Hunter for an excellent video. I was deciding whether to buy this VSCO presets and your review has really helped my decision. Cheers!

  5. Agreed, thanks for doing the vid – well presented.

  6. Sonal on

    Fantastic job on this video! Very informative and nicely done. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this.

  7. Jennifer on

    I have the standard package of the presets and it does *not* include any of the faded presets.

  8. Jennifer – great tip and thanks for the clarification!

  9. Wow. Great video! So clear & thorough. I was looking for some major guidance through VSCO & have found it here. Thank you!! I’m looking forward to those upcoming VSCO recipes! Also, would love a blog or video on how you go about making your ISO noise reduction & Sharpening Presets. In all this time I did not realize I could have done that & have always depended on doing those things in Photoshop.

  10. John on

    Thanks for this, very helpful – still not sure if it is worth that money or not for me. Just one point – I think you have got HP5 and XP2 confused. HP5 is a beautiful and very traditional film using standard chemistry.

  11. You are absolutely correct. I always get HP5 and XP2 confused.

  12. Steven B on

    Great,great video about using presets. I too was not a fan of using presets, yet these seem to add a touch, that gives it a natural feel. I too would like a video on how to set ones’s own sharpening.
    Thanks again for sharing and educating…

  13. Jon on

    Really useful video, thanks. Helped me make the decision to purchase both Lightroom and the VSCO FILM presets.

  14. For those that requested a follow-up video, you can now see it here –

    The follow-up covers how to create a custom Lightroom preset that includes VSCO. This should help you to minimize your editing time by improving your workflow. Thanks to Casey and Steven, among others, for the request.

  15. Shai on

    Thank you for spending the time to go through your workflow with VSCO film
    I have only become aware of these presets and have been tempted to get it.
    This video has done a lot in the way of explaining how it all works, for, unfortunately, VSCO doesn’t provide a trial of their products.
    At least I haven’t been able to find them.

    Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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